Times Herald Record
December 20, 2005

Letters To The Editor

Dictatorial board

On Dec. 12, we attended a meeting of the Board of Education of the Liberty School District. Prior to opening the meeting to the public, the board president announced that anyone wishing to speak during public participation would have to fill out a request sheet. Groups or organizations were asked to appoint an advocate to present their views.

One subject on the agenda was the NIOSH Report regarding the mold problem in the district's school buildings. As this is an extremely sensitive and emotional issue in the community, many people wanted to voice their opinions. Toward the end of the public participation, a young girl asked to speak for herself and her fellow students. The board denied her the right to do so, although she had filled out a request. As a result, a great many of the audience walked out of the meeting in protest.

We are sending our children overseas to fight for democracy and we have this type of nonsense happening here in our own communities. The dictatorship in the Liberty School District must stop. In the interest of justice, the board should step down and perhaps the students should run the school. They seem to understand democracy and the Constitution better than the current regime. Does the First Amendment ring a bell with anyone?

Donna Dunbar
Chairman, Government Affairs Committee
People for Equal Justice

Elliott Baron
Executive Director
People for Equal Justice