Times Herald Record
March 01, 2007

Liberty voters approve $870,000 proposition funding repairs for schools

By Nathan Mayberg

Liberty - Voters in the Liberty School District yesterday overwhelmingly approved an $870,000 proposition funding several repair projects. The vote was 372-38.

The work includes the removal of carpeting and asbestos tiles at the elementary school; masonry repair at the middle school; a new wheelchair ramp at the high school; and the resurfacing of the tennis court. The district will transfer $680,000 from its capital reserve fund; the remainder will come from the general fund.

Interim Superintendent Edward Rhine said that 100 percent of the funding will be covered by state funds.

The middle school work includes repairing loose bricks that have let water seep into the building. That should address some of the causes of the districtís very public mold problem, which sickened librarian Angela Page. Page complained for 13 years, eventually going on sick leave before being forced into retirement by the the Liberty school board in 2005.