Times Herald Record
March 11, 2007
Sullivan Confidential

Librarian fights health problems, school district

For 13 years, Liberty High School librarian Angela Page complained about moldy conditions in the library. The roofs leaked, the shelves were full of mold. She has to use a respirator. Now, the school is now trying to fire her.

She went on sick leave in 2004, asking the school to improve the conditions there. At 50, she said she is too young to retire.

In 2005, the feds issued a report citing numerous health threats caused by mold, water leaks and damage in the three schools of the district.

But Liberty Superintendent Ed Rhine said there is no proof the school's conditions caused Page to be sick. "How do I know there wasn't a mold problem in her house?"

A hearing before an adjudicator from the New York State Education Department will be held March 26 at the Liberty firehouse. It will determine whether the school can strip Page of tenure and fire her.

"She hasn't done anything to warrant being fired except for coming to school every day in a library full of mold causing her to be sick," faculty association President Tim Hamblin said. The faculty plans to hand a petition to the board at its next meeting on March 12.