Times Herald Record
March 16, 2007

Letters To The Editor

District lacks decency

I am writing regarding Angela Page, a former librarian at Liberty Elementary School who's been out on disability saying that mold at the school has made her ill.

I should note that we were childhood acquaintances. Yet if I did not know her, I would still find the insensitivity, callousness and lack of Christian charity or even human decency on the part of Mr. Rhine and the school district (quite possibly rationalized in their own minds by "financial issues") to be absolutely stunning.

And to suggest, given the state of their own schools and the stern warning of the feds, that the problem could be even remotely related to Angela's own home is beyond the pale. To blame the one suffering for the district's own failure to adequately address the serious mold problem of their schools is incomprehensible.

The Rev. Simon K. Scott

Calvert City, Ky.