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Shoemaker M.D., Ritchie Mold Warriors. 2005
Written for those who live or work in a building with water leaks, musty smells or visible mold growth. Dr. Shoemaker is a leading researcher, author and public speaker on biotoxins. After giving testimony to Congress on his findings regarding sick buildings.

Shoemaker M.D., Ritchie Desperation Medicine. Baltimore: Gateway, 2001
For the millions who suffer from chronic pollition-linked illness including Sick Building Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Pfiesteria, Lyme, Gulf War Syndrome... etc.

Kaye H. Kilburn, M.D., Editor. Molds and Mycotoxins: Papers from an International Symposium. Washington DC: Heldref Publications DC 2004
A compilation of of 18 scientific, peer reviewed papers presented in 2003 -- a mountain of evidence that many mold-exposed people are indeed sick, with significant brain function impairment. Illnesses assiciated with exposures to indoor mold growth.

Ashford, Nicholas and Claudia Miller. Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Inc 1997
"Everyday chemical exposures may cause fatigue, memory impairment, headaches, mood changes, breathing difficulties, digestive problems and a host of chronic unexplained illness."

Season Bubble Girl. Absolute Individual: Life In A Bubble. Futlus Books 2005
This author was sprayed full face on the playground with a can of underarm spray. She has lived indoors since 1997. She writes of romance, challenges, medical battles, near-death experiences, achievements, and relationships.

Zwillinger, Rhonda The Dispossessed. Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivites. Paulden, Az: The Dispossessed Project 1997
The author documents with photos and quick biographies, the professionals who have this debilitating disease and an unresponsive society forcing them to find safe corners in which to live. The Dispossessed

Gibson, Ph.D. Pamela Reed Multiple Chemical Sensitivitiy: A Survival Guide. New Harbor Pub. 2000
Comprehensive advice for coping with chmical injuries, hypersensitivity, chemical allergy and intolerance.

Kroll-Smith, Steve & H.Hugh Floyd Bodies in Protest: Environmental Illness and the Struggle over Medical Knowledge. New York: NYUPress, 1997
The author reveals how the environmentally ill suffer extreme debilitating reactions to a semingly ordinary environment. It forces rethinking of conventional boundaries between the safe and the dangerous.

Johnson, Alison Ed. Casualties of Progress: Personal Histories from the Chemically Senstitive. Brunswick: MCS Information Exchange
One of the most distinctive featrues of MCS is that people who develop the condition begin to react to low-level chemical exposures that never bothered them perviously. Examples of over 50 stories of professionals whose lives were changed by a chemical poisoning.

Rogers M.D., Sherry A Chemical Sensitivity: Environmental Diseases and Pollutants--How they Hurt Us and How to Deal with Them. New Canaan: Good Health Guides

Rogers M.D., Sherry A The E.I Syndrome: An Rx for Environmental Illness. Are you Allegic to the 21st Century? Prestige: 1986
This keynote speaker at the 1986 International Symposium for Indoor air Quality was inflicted herself with Multiple Chemical Sensitivites. "Man has neglected one fundamental biological rule;to check and see if the organism is adapting to its new environment."

Rogers M.D., Sherry A Tired or Toxic: A Blueprint for Health. Prestige: 2000
"This book is not for everyone, those who are sick enough or those who are smart enough."

Rogers M.D., Sherry A Detoxify or Die. Sarasota: Sand Key Co., 2002
A leading environmental doctor demonstrates the scope of chemical pollution and shows in detail how to prevent disease and treat chemical overload.

Radetsky, Peter Allergic to the Twentieth Century: The Explosion in Environmental Allergies--From Sick Building to Multiple Chemical Sensitivites. Boston:Little Brown & Co., 1996
With case histories the author investigates the sufferers he calls canaries in the coal mine.

Kerns, Thomas Environmentally Induced Illnesses: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights. Jefferson: McFarland & Co. 2001
Addresses the ethical dimension of managing environmental health amid dangerous solvents, pesticides, and artificial fragrances.

Smith, Lorriane Heal Environmental Illness and Reclaim Your Life. Chelmsford: Diveena, 2000.
Dr. Smith shows how to eliminate allegies to foods, pollens, dust, mold, and chemicals with spirituality, self-hypnosis, and energy techniques.

Johnson, Alison Causualties of Progress and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


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