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WBEN Kathy Weppner interviews Dr. W. Croft 01/26/08
Dr. Croft ( is a pathologist who does autopsies for the fingerprints of mold exposure. He describes the 3 stages of health deterioration due to exposures to mold toxicity.

Posted with permission from WBEN.

Croft 1: Symptoms of Mold Poisoning [mp3 ~5min, 5.0M]

Croft 2: Effects On Body [mp3 ~8min, 8.4M]

Croft 3: Stages of Deterioration 1,2,3 [mp3 ~9.5min, 9.5M]

Croft 4: Callers-John re Cheese, Ann re Children's Schools [mp3 ~8min, 8.5M]

Croft 5: Fired Teacher Working In Mold [mp3 ~6min, 6.3M]

Croft 6: Autopsy Fingerprint Of Mold [mp3 ~7.5min, 7.8M]

Croft 7: Cyanide, Etc. In Mycotoxins [mp3 ~3.5min, 3.7M]

Croft 8: Callers-Carol, Tammy re Home Owners, Schools [mp3 ~8min, 5.1M]

WNYC The Leonard Lopate Show
Toxic Mold Radio Show Public Radio NYC Tues. 6/26/07 Noon EST
An upstate New York librarian claims that her MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) was caused by exposure to mold at the library where she worked. She's now so ill she can barely leave her house. Today industrial hygienist Monona Rossol and Dr. David C. Straus explain why some mold can be so toxic, and whether you should be concerned about your workplace. Ms. Rossol is also founder and president of Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety, Inc., and Dr. Straus is Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Texas Tech University.

Chemical injury, MCS and mold poisoning. A call in show documents those living housebound due to chemical exposures. A blend of folk music and facts on MCS.



Angela presenting before the NYS Mold Task Force Meeting, April 22, 2008 Angela begins by identifying her four main doctors in her path to healing after serving over 13 years in a leaking library. She ends with five points for change.
Windows Movie File [13.8 Megs]

Here is the edited You Tube version.


Transcript: [html]

NIEHS National Toxicology
Program meeting of Dec 6, 2007 is now available in pdf form and on video. One can read it/view it at the following link. There is much discussion of the victims of Katrina within this meeting and the need to better understand the illnesses they are experiencing from mold exposure, far beyond simple allergic reactions. 7E6D41437E9A8F33 1:28m

Alison Johnson
A 15 minute video about MCS. sensitivity&total=69&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2

Dr. Grace Ziem
Dr. Ziem explains Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Video: com/watch?v=NRj1s5UuQIg

Theresa Westmoreland


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