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Liberty Middle School Online Librarian
(Frozen in time circa Jan 2004.
Please note that "High School Library Links" was not maintained by personnel.)

The school online information and cirriculum support site which Angela Page created and maintained as the largest part of her library job. Many teachers would request that online materials be prepared and tailor-made for their lesson plans, which they would then use directly in their daily classroom lectures. Students could access the material at school or from home. The site contained course materials, information sources, homework supports, student resources, school activities, community connections, etc..

Local School Accommodations for Disabled Members

Sullivan County Democrat, February 1, 2008:
Technology Keeps Homebound Monticello Student Connected

The Monticello school district adjacent to Liberty recently used online technology to keep a disabled homebound student participating and up on her classwork. With the simple additions of Adobe Connect software and a microphone at the student's location, as well as a SMART Board at the school (common equipment in most Monticello classrooms), the student was able to listen and interact with all classes and teachers from home across an extended period of time, likely to be two years or more.

"The tech staff ran a trial run from a remote location and to their delight, it worked like a charm! ... Her setup allowed her to participate fully in the class. ... This made the classroom accessible in real-time from any remote location."

The technological support allowed the student to not drop out of school due to her severe illness, but instead to take advanced classes such as AP Chemistry. She succeeded in passing all of her classes and Regents exams.

Safe Working Potential: Virtual Librarian

For those with disabilities keeping them isolated from society either temporarily or permanently, electronics and virtual libraries can keep individuals connected to their communities, careers and activities.

Work is more defined now by your tools rather than location. See below for examples of technology and online resources enhancing educational experiences for all students and educators, not only those who physically cannot be present. virtual library link

http://www.virtuallibrarian. com/index2.html;jsessionid=950ad80930e2d8895981283c4 74db954be77801d7438.e38KbNaQahmNc40QbxqLbx4TbNr0n6jAmljGr5XDqQLvpAe

Also be on the lookout at for clips from the recent Tech Expo conference, where librarians and information specialists are creating virtual networking opportunities today.


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