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Liberty School Mold: Intro and News

In September 1991, the Liberty Middle School opened. The library ceiling was already leaking. Buckets and tarps were placed there to catch the leaks.

By 2005, after continued leaking causes water damage and mold, NIOSH declared the schools a health hazard.

By December of 2007, after serving the district for over 23 years, the school librarian is terminated for not being able to come in due to her health condition caused by the leaking.

After experiencing 13 years of exposure to water damage, molds and mycotoxins Angela Page was diagnosed with Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis which later developed into Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (Workers' Compensation Court). Her injury rendered her isolated and rarely able to interact in the world outside her house. Her doctors sent accommodation guidelines, however, she was terminated. See the NIOSH Report, Press, and Timeline for more.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Latest Press: (see all Press)

NYSUT wins Award for article on Angela's situation click here for details

NYS Mold Task Force
April 22, 2008--Angela begins by identifying her four main doctors in her path to healing after serving over 13 years in a leaking library. She ends with five points for change. (files here)

Dr. Croft Audio Files
Check out explanations by Pathologist Dr. W. Croft who works with autopsies to uncover the fingerprints of mold. Dr. Croft explains the three stages of illness caused by exposures to molds and their gases. Children are most at risk. (files here)

Pine Bush Schools Fungusbusters
New website launched for parents and staff of Pine Bush Schools, worried about health issues in the district.

Technology Keeps Homebound Monticello Student Connected
The Monticello school district adjacent to Liberty recently used online technology to keep a disabled homebound student participating and up on her classwork. ... The technological support allowed the student to not drop out of school due to her severe illness, but instead to take advanced classes such as AP Chemistry. (more)

School Fails Accountability Test: Fires Ill Librarian
New York Teacher Jan 31, 2008 article about Angela Page's termination by school board that caused her injury. (more Press here)

Liberty School Board Fires Librarian
Latest press coverage from Liberty. (more Press here)


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