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Angela Page
Liberty NY

About This Site

Angela Page is a graduate of Oberlin College, Ohio, Oneonta State, New York and Rutgers in New Jersey. She holds degrees in Theatre, Education and Library Science. She worked at the Liberty School District since 1983 and as the evening librarian for the Sullivan County Community College for several years.

After being exposed to ongoing leaking for over 13 years in her position as librarian at the newly built Liberty Middle School in Liberty, New York, Angela developed Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. She had served her district for 23 years before fainting in the space which caused the hypersensitivities. Her partner, John, was also working at the school. To avoid re-contamination issues he moved out of their home and then finally left that position to work elsewhere.

John began assembling the large press file that was developing on Angela's case. This site simply grew out of the compilation of the growing press as her district, unwilling to accommodate the condition they caused, began court actions to fire her.

Then information was added addressing other issues of poor indoor air quality. Productive members of society are dropping from the work force because of avoidable problems. Once healthy children and adults are spending their savings on a huge array of medical visits to try to heal from the invasive chemicals being stored in their bodies. Calls to the C.D.C. the I.O.M and government officals proved dead ends for finding anyone who is documenting this devastating and avoidable trend.

Information on biotoxic illnesses from construction, renovations, building materials or from the gases released by ongoing and unchecked dampness, continues to mount. John, Angela, other chemically sensitive people, medical and indoor air professionals have been consulted to contribute here toward the dissemination of that body of growing knowledge.


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