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IEQ list on Yahoo
The IEQ discussion group has been established to provide a forum for IEQ professionals to openly discuss issues. These issues include indoor environmental health, IAQ consulting, toxicology, HVAC engineering, industrial hygiene, risk management, restoration and remediation, insurance coverage, legal issues, medical issues and more. This is moderated forum.

SickBuildings list on Yahoo
The sickbuilding discussion group on yahoo has thousands of victims, lawyers, industrial hygenists and doctors all discussing issues of indoor air quality and health. The moderator posts daily press on mold nationally. Opening statement from their site: "Toxic molds are running rampant in our homes, offices and schools. Exposure to mycotoxins has been linked to the death of infants, as well as immune-compromised adults. Despite increasing reports of mold-induced illness and health problems associated with mold exposure, our public health agencies offer little, if any support or funding for research into this growing problem."

Green Canary list on Yahoo
This list is dedicated to a life free from toxic chemicals, and the health problems that they can cause.

"People who suffer from Environmental Illness (such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or MCS) are often referred to as "canaries": like the canary in a coal mine, people with extreme chemical sensitivities provide a warning sign that the human body cannot tolerate indefinitely the toxic chemicals we have invented, and with which we have made much of our world unsafe for habitation - not only for us, but for many, perhaps most, other forms of life as well.

Fish kills, mutant frogs, and human cancers all sound a warning in the voice of the canary; but, it is people with Chemical Sensitivity who are made most immediately aware of just how prevalent toxic chemicals are in our modern world.

Here we can come together and share the information and experiences that have taught each of us a piece of the knowledge necessary to survive and thrive, eliminating unnecessary toxic chemicals from our lives, and replacing them with the elements of health and the alternatives offered by the natural world around us." group/GreenCanary/

The Aspergillus Support Discussion Group
This is run by the Aspergillus website to provide for the free exchange of help, information and advice to and from all participants. The subjects appropriate for discussion are all health-related matters associated with the fungus Aspergillus.


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